Tiling Services in Melbourne

Home renovations often entail the restoration of tile surfaces or the installation of new tiles, whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom. So, if you are planning to have new tiles installed, as part of your refurbishment project, or you wish to bring back the original shiny look of your tiled kitchen floor, Paul’s Handyman can be of your assistance. We offer professional tile installation services and tile repairs in Melbourne, as well as expert tile restoration options.

Our high-standard workmanship and extensive expertise helps us achieve outstanding results and a high level of customer satisfaction.

What to expect from your tiling service

Fancy a new splashback in the kitchen? Or does your already tiled hallway floor need some urgent attention? We’ve got the specialists to provide you with the right tiling solution, whether you require help with grouting and sealing a tiled surface, need new tile installation or you are looking for a tile repairs expert.

Our tiling services include the following:

  • Tile restoration: regrouting and resealing;
  • Tile repairs: minor tiling and replacement of broken tiles;
  • Tile installation: installing tiles on walls and floor surfaces and grouting;
  • Tile protection: applying a sealant on a tiled surface.

We can install different types of tiles, regardless of the material they are made from, including ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, terracotta tiles, mosaic tiles, limestone tile, marble tiles, slates and more. You can rest assured that the tile technicians have the experience and knowledge to select the most suitable tile fixative and the right method to complete the installation task.

They use only quality and industry-tested low VOC adhesives to ensure a healthy home environment for you and your family.

Furthermore, the tilers can advise you on the most appropriate sealing product that should be used to seal the newly installed tiles. As sealants have different properties (they may be scratch-resistant, stain-resistant or have anti-slippery qualities), don’t hesitate to seek the technician’s expert opinion if you are unsure about what product to choose.

Based on the type of tiles (natural stone, porcelain), the type of surface (floor or wall), their location (wet rooms, kitchens) and on the traffic they will endure (hallway, bedroom), the technician will recommend to you whether a topical sealant or an impregnator would be best applied to protect the tiled surface and whether the sealer should be water-based or solvent-based.

Benefits of choosing tile flooring solutions

They are designed to maintain your home or office in optimal condition, as well as enhance your property’s interior or exterior look. When you choose tile flooring solution, you will benefit from the following:

  • Tile flooring is easy to install, maintain and it's long-lasting;
  • Easy to clean and improve the health condition of a room as dust can't stick to the tiles and cause allergies;
  • Tiles are non-toxic and moisture resistant;
  • There is a variety of tile options in different shapes, designs and colours to fit your needs.
Tiling services by Paul's Handyman in Melbourne

Opt for more than one property improvement service from Paul's Handyman

We have always endeavoured to provide our home improvement services in a fashion that saves you time, money and effort. This means that you can count on a seasoned handyman who is able to complete more than one task for you on the day of your appointment.

For instance, you can book our Melbourne tiling service together with another service, such as hanging and mounting, drywall repairs, plumbing or any other odd jobs that you may need help with.

This way, you can cross all your property maintenance and repair chores of your to-do list in a matter of hours.

Tiling in bathrooms and kitchens

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