Professional Carpenters in Melbourne

As a number of items, features and surfaces around the home are made from wood, their maintenance and restoration require good carpentry skills and reliable expertise.

Our Melbourne-based home improvement company has the right specialists to provide you with professional carpentry repairs and fitting solutions. So, whether you need a piece of furniture fixed, a floorboard replaced or your door re-adjusted, we can send a seasoned carpenter to do the repair job with guaranteed results.

Our carpentry expertise

Quite often people don’t notice the general wear and tear that gradually takes its toll on wooden furniture and interior/exterior features around their property. This could be a sticky door, a swollen window frame, a broken railing around your decking or a kitchen cupboard door hanging on one hinge.

And in our experience, the most common reasons for clients putting up with ill-functioning everyday items and worn out wooden property fixtures, of course, are their lack of time and not having the necessary skills and tools.

We, at Paul’s Handyman, are equipped with everything that is required to solve your carpentry problems, saving you time and effort in the process. So, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will address all your repair issues in no time for you. We offer timely carpentry solutions that include the following:

  • Carpentry repairs: aligning doors, repairing window frames, decking repairs, floor restoration, fixing squeaky drawers, trimming interior/exterior doors, etc.;
  • Fitting and installations: boxing pipes, cutting out spyholes, fitting mailboxes, cutting mail slots, fitting cat flaps and more;
  • Replacements: replacing storage unit doors, door stop replacement, floorboard replacement, replacing hinges, lock and door bolt replacement,  etc.

What other property maintenance tasks can a carpenter do?

Our company specialises in a range of home improvement and property maintenance services that are performed by reliable and hard-working carpenters who have the right set of skills, knowledge and professional equipment. We offer our clients the opportunity to combine more than one service on the same day as their carpentry session at competitive hourly rates.

For instance, you can take advantage of our professional door installation service, lock fitting solutions, fence installation or repairs, as well as furniture fitting services anytime.

Additionally, you can enquire about our extensive list of other property improvement services and book an expert tradesman to help with your renovation project ideas. So, whether you need a plaster repair specialist, a tiling expert or you require a wood painting job completed by a pro, we can assist you with those tasks, too.

Professional Carpentry Services in Melbourne

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