TV Wall Installation Service in Melbourne

So, you’ve purchased a Smart TV set but you don’t have the tools or the time to install it? Worry not and book our professional TV wall mounting service in Melbourne for a day and time that suits your schedule! We, at Paul’s Handyman, work with fully trained and experienced handymen who will complete the job with precision and up to your satisfaction. They are equipped with high-end tools and have the expertise to mount your TV on any type of wall securely and at a safe and enjoyable viewing distance.

What can the TV wall mounting experts do?

Paul’s TV installation technicians are trained to mount all types of contemporary television sets of various sizes and different brands. So whether you need a 42”, 52” or 59” HDTV, LCD or Plasma TV installed, the dextrous handyperson will deliver the service to perfection.

That’s right, expect nothing but excellence and strong attention to detail when it comes to applying his expert skills, whether you require a flat-to-wall, tilting or swivel TV wall mount installation.

Furthermore, the specialist will have no problem with mounting your new TV set on various types of walls, be it made from bricks, concrete, masonry or even plasterboard.

And why not get other hanging and mounting jobs done on the same day as your TV installation service? Since, the handyman is there already, equipped with a range of power tools and supplies, you can have your heavy oak framed mirror mounted, some artwork hanged, or a set of shelves installed expertly and securely.

Why give Paul’s TV Wall Installers in Melbourne a call

One thing is for sure! When you book a TV wall mounting service with us, you can be certain to get:

  • We can install all types of TVs - HD TV, LCD, LED, OLED, Plasma, Smart TV, 3D TV, Ultra HD TV;
  • We can install various types of brackets for your custom TV installation requirements;
  • We bring the right tools for the job;
  • Full coverage of Melbourne;
  • Other tasks - done, upon request.

Three steps to enjoying a quality movie night tonight

Isn’t it true that it is not all about watching your favourite movie on a big screen but also being able to enjoy it safely without harming your eyesight or getting an unpleasant headache in the process? Moreover, you wouldn’t want to risk your TV warranty if the device is wall mounted incorrectly and in a precarious manner. Hence, proceed with the following steps for your peace of mind:

1. We offer an easy scheduling process, whether you give us a call or book online. And with that first step out of the way, the rest will follow in a smooth, efficient and professional fashion.

2. The seasoned handyman will inspect carefully the site where you want your TV installed and the type of wall, as well as check the position of the powerpoint with regards to the TV cable length. He will also ensure that mount brackets and other accessories, provided by the manufacturer, are all in place.

3. Then, the specialist will perform the installation with the right viewing distance and angle in mind. This means that he will take into consideration not only how far your seating furniture is positioned from your TV but also assess the appropriate height at which the set should be installed.

TV wall mounting services Melbourne

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