Painting Services in Melbourne

Is it time for your refurbishment project? Paul’s Handyman can assist you with transforming your home and enhancing its interior look. We will be delighted to provide you with professional painting services, which are executed by experienced and trusted local painters in Melbourne.

In addition, you can seek the skilled specialist’s free professional advice and discuss your renovation ideas anytime.

What’s included in the painting service

You can count on our company if you need assistance with an array of interior or exterior painting tasks. Below is a list of the painting solutions we provide:
  • Touch up painting: restoring small areas on different type of surfaces by touching up damaged paint;
  • Wall painting: preparation of walls and painting them in the colour of your choice;
  • Painting of ceilings: expert painting of ceilings after careful preparation of the surface;
  • Wood painting: window frame painting, furniture painting, door painting, skirting board painting;
  • Exterior painting: we can paint, repaint or varnish timber fences, sheds, garage doors, window frames, etc.

Why entrust your house painting project with us?

Once, you’ve set your eyes on your preferred colour and type of paint, you can leave the rest to the qualified and trained painter you have booked with us. He will arrive promptly and fully equipped with all the professional tools and supplies required for the job.

The painter will ensure that the floor is well protected against accidental splashes, as well as cover any furniture that might be still in the room. The tradesmen will follow closely your instructions and start preparing the surfaces prior to painting them. The preparation process may involve stripping old paint from wood, sanding furniture and walls, applying a primer to wall surfaces and ceilings or touching up imperfections on particular areas of the surface.

The painter will then proceed by applying several coats of paint on the surfaces that need painting, whether it’s a wall, a ceiling, trim work or a wooden surface. Please, note that some drying time between coats will apply.

Additionally, you can benefit from our range of other home improvement services, such as drywall and plaster repairs, tiling solutions, fence fixing services, plumbing solutions and more. You are also welcome to combine more than one service, subject to availability.

professional wall painting services in Melbourne

What is your favourite colour? Call and share with us today!