Drywall/Plaster Repairs in Melbourne

Many people decide to have a go at repairing themselves cracks and holes in the plastered walls at home only to regret later their unsuccessful attempt. Why is that? Well, plastering is one of those property improvement trades that requires not only skills and experience but also calls for a somewhat natural flair. In short, there is a knack to plastering if you wish to do it the right way. We, at Paul’s Handyman, have exactly that - knowledge and practice.

Our company works with skilled Melbourne plasterers who are equipped with patience, solid work ethics and an array of professional plastering tools. So, if you’ve got some drywall repair tasks or other plastering jobs on your list, hire an expert to complete the project for you. This way, you will save time and hassle, as well as avoid mishaps and poor job results.

The benefits of getting a pro for your drywall repairs

Even though there are plenty of tutorials on how to fill cracks in plaster, doing it correctly is easily said than done. So, if you book Paul’s plasterers and entrust your drywall repair needs with them, you will be most satisfied to get:

  • Professional approach: protection of floor surfaces and surrounding pieces of furniture against accidental plaster drops;
  • Thorough preparation: inspection and preparation of the damaged surfaces;
  • Quality materials: from suitable crack fillers, hard-wearing plaster and finishing wall products;
  • Use of the right equipment: be it hawks, trowels, feather edges, darbys, floats scarifiers, taping knives, etc.
  • Expert knowledge of methods and “tricks”: to achieve a perfect and smooth finish of the repaired surface.

Here’s why choose Paul’s Handyman Melbourne

Our property improvement company offers a versatile range of handyman and specialist services, designed to provide you with reliable maintenance solutions for your home or business in Melbourne.

So, whether you need a plaster repairs service, ductwork repairs service or fence fixing solutions, with us, you can count on the following:

  • Additionally trained, multi-skilled and fully insured experts
  • Advanced equipment, professional tools and quality materials
  • Guaranteed results and high-standard workmanship
  • Free advice and customer-orientated approach
  • Clear price formation at competitive rates
  • Flexible and easy booking process
expert drywall and plaster services in Melbourne

What your plaster repair service includes

Our drywall/plaster repair service in Melbourne caters for a variety of situations and wall surface fixing tasks. From eliminating networks of cracks, deep grooves or almost invisible marks to filling larger holes and dents, we can fix the problem and make the wall surface look as new.

We will send a skilled specialist to your address who will bring all the tools and supplies required for the repair job. Note that you can count on a seasoned plasterer to complete the following tasks:

  • Filling in cracks and holes in plaster
  • Plaster patching of walls and ceilings
  • Plaster to and into windows
  • Wall chasing on plasterboard walls
  • Wall boarding and plastering
  • Other drywall repairs

In addition, you may wish to benefit from other renovation services that we offer. You can book, for instance, a professional painting service to get that perfect finish on your walls and ceilings in a new colour.

repairing drywalls and plastering service

Choose a smooth finish for your walls! Get in touch with us!