Odd Jobs in Melbourne

You probably have heaps to do on a daily basis on top of your regular job - from doing the school run and some shopping to meeting a colleague after work. And the last thing you want to fill up your day off with is the numerous repair tasks and small jobs at home, which have been piling up for months. Well, why not entrust those with Paul’s Handyman Melbourne and enjoy the little free time you have with family and friends?

We specialise in a range of property maintenance services and can handle a wide variety of small handyman jobs and repairs expertly and efficiently.

What can a handyman do for you?

The name says it. A handyman can do almost anything that requires good power tools, practical mindset and multiple skills. So, if you need a hand with something that you may be able to do yourself but you haven’t got the time or the right equipment, then get in touch with us with confidence! We will send a seasoned technician to your address, who will be equipped with professional tools and a set of hardware supplies to execute the service.

Whether you require assistance with TV wall mounting, wood repairs or other fix-up tasks, help with installing a fixture or a number of fittings, or you are simply not sure how to replace something - the skilled and experienced handyman will readily complete the job for you in no time at all.

From odd jobs to more specialised tasks around your home

So, you may have the tools and the skills to “DIY” the tasks on your to-do list of small jobs and property maintenance chores... But you lack the time to complete them in a due manner.

Or on the contrary, you have plenty of time and the eagerness to have a go at fixing things or fitting a fixture that is still packed in a box, collecting dust… But you are not sure how to or don’t have the right tools. Whatever the reason for your failure to do these tasks, don’t fret and hire a professional handyman with us!

Below is just an example of what we can assist you with:

  • Repairs: window repairs, window frames repairs, door handle and lock repairs, adjust cupboard doors, ceiling repairs, etc.
  • Installations: install a shower/bath screen, fit a baby-proof catch/safety gate, install a signage, fit a door stop, fit a cat flap, install a door kick plate, etc.
  • Replacements: replace a door knob/handle/lock, replace the weather stripping of an exterior door, replace a tile/floor board, etc.
  • Small fixes: fix toilet seats, seal around windows and doors, apply silicone around bathtub, fill a small hole, etc.
  • Other odd jobs: tidy up cables, remove old silicone from around windows, exterior odd jobs and fixes, etc.

In addition, please, note that Paul’s Handyman can provide you with ductwork repairs, plumbing solutions, painting services, tiling, sealing and grouting solutions and more.

Expert Handyman odd jobs in Melbourne

We’ve got the tools and the skills! Let us get it all done today!